Hillary Melts Down–Trump Can’t Stop Laughing . . .

Hillary Clinton took to Twitter on Sunday to complain about the Scrabble dictionary. She took issue with the dictionary update because it didn’t include two new words: “covefe” and “ivesssapology,” the Daily Mail reported.

‘Earlier this month, Scrabble updated its list of approved words for game play for the first time in four years (“ivesssapology” and “covfefe” were not among them),’ Clinton tweeted Sunday morning. 

‘Where are we on this, @Hasbro?’ the tweet continued. While her attempts at mocking President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani were admittedly cute, their little gaffes don’t hold a candle to the numerous ways Clinton has been accused of breaking laws and acting unethically.

It remains to be seen whether Clinton will jump into the 2020 presidential race and try to vindicate herself against Trump. She has said she won’t run, but doesn’t seem to have accepted her 2016 loss and may be waiting to see whether any Democrat emerges strongly from the current field of 20 candidates.

Meanwhile, her recent tour with former president Bill Clinton reportedly fizzled, with tickets being sold at deep discounts on Groupon just to fill venues. It seems like the public is ready to move on, even if she may not be.

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