Hillary Clinton makes sick announcement

Of the innumerable hypocrites on the left, is there any worse than Hillary Clinton? I don’t think so. She advocates on behalf of the poor and middle class, but she got filthy rich while holding political office. So much for “public service.” Clinton boasted about her ability to handle the 3 AM call, but abandoned American soldiers in Benghazi. So much for “strong leadership.”

And that’s not all. She even pretends to advocate for women who have been sexually abused and assaulted, like she did this past weekend during the women’s march. Clinton sent out a tweet saying that the march was a “beacon of hope and defiance” and a “testament to the power and resilience of women everywhere.” 

She is not referring, I assume, to the women her husband assaulted or allegedly raped. You know, the women whose reputation she savaged while she attempted to protect Bill for her own personal gain. Go away Hillary, no one believes your lies anymore. (Read More…)

Donald Trump: Democrats want government shut down to distract from tax cuts’ success

The midterm elections are coming up this year. It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since President Trump took office. In his first year, he’s had some very considerable successes even with Democrats fighting him the entire way. And they’re still fighting now; shutting down the government because they didn’t get what they wanted.

Trump thinks he knows what’s really happening. His theory is that Democrats want to make a big political issue out of the shutdown so that the media will focus on it and ignore how successful the recent tax reform bill was.

He’s right too. Billions of dollars have been repatriated into the economy, substantial bonuses have been given to employees, utility costs are down, and the economic prospects for 2018 look strong. You better try harder, Dems, people love this bill. (Read More…)

Report: Obama admin may have had ‘brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton’

A former federal prosecutor named Joe diGenova just made a serious allegation about what President Obama and Hillary Clinton were up to during the 2016 campaign. He said that he believes that Obama and his administration concocted an elaborate scheme to keep Hillary Clinton from facing legal consequences for her abuse of classified emails.

It has been incontrovertibly proven in the past year that Clinton kept classified emails on unsecured servers, lied about doing so, attempted to obstruct investigators by cleaning those servers, and lied about that as well.

You would need some powerful friends in high places to escape punishment after all that. Yet Hillary so far has walked scot-free. It’s far from unthinkable that Obama was the ace up Hillary’s sleeve. (Read More…)

Robert Mueller’s ‘investigation’ will continue despite the government shutdown

One thing that won’t stop during the government shutdown, however long it may be, is the Mueller probe into alleged Trump-Russia collusion. Or, as it’s come to be known, the FBI and DOJ’s witch-hunt against people they don’t like. The shutdown affects only the “non-essential” employees of the federal government.

Obviously, our intelligence agencies are essential, and they need to be working. But perhaps Mueller and his comrades should take a few days off, think about how much time and resources they’ve wasted, and then consider closing up shop. (Read More…)

Bombshell: Intel committee moves to release ‘ObamaGate’ spy memo

Republican House members have been absolutely buzzing about the so-called FISA or “Obamagate” memo over the last few days. They say it’s huge, bigger than Watergate, that “heads will roll,” and even that it demonstrates how President Obama engaged in serious misconduct, and so on. In short, this memo could be absolutely massive, and the fact that every Democrat has voted against releasing it to the public indicates that it’s the real deal.

Rep. Dave Joyce has some good news for those who want to see the memo made public. He says that Republican efforts have been successful and that the likely weeks-long process of releasing the memo has begun.

Democrats are unhappy, obviously. They say it’s biased and gives an inaccurate picture of our intelligence services. How about this, Dems — release the memo and let your constituents decide for themselves. After all, a little transparency couldn’t hurt the “scandal-free” Obama administration, could it? (Read More…)

Terrorists attack major international hotel in Kabul – deaths confirmed

Once the American military is finished beating ISIS up and down the Middle East, President Trump might want to think about looking again at Afghanistan. On Saturday, a 13-hour battle took place between Islamic extremist militants from the Taliban and Afghan military forces. The militants entered an international hotel and started shooting at all of the occupants, seemingly without any reason.

They killed 40 people and injured 6 more in their barbaric attack on innocent hotel guests. This hotel had visitors from scores of countries, and as of right now it has been confirmed that a Ukrainian and Argentinian are among the dead.

One can only imagine how harrowing and terrible this experience must have been for the victims. These extremists are evil, and they need to be stopped. (Read More…)

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