Just In: Hillary launches nasty attack on Trump family member

For the life of me, I don’t understand why anyone wants to hear what Hillary Clinton has to say about anything… ever. She’s crooked, a liar, reckless to the point of being treasonous, and despite the many official positions she’s held, she has nothing to show for it. Outside of the millions of pay-for-play dollars, that is.

And yet she continues to speak. When a Dutch interviewer asked Clinton whether Ivanka Trump could be a future POTUS, Hillary dryly responded with condescension “that won’t happen.” Watching the video is genuinely infuriating.

She then went on to assert why she’s so sure of her ridiculous opinion. If there’s anything Hillary has proven, it’s that she doesn’t know the outcomes of elections, and what she’s best at is lying and losing. Stay out of politics and public life Hillary, America is much better without you. (Read More…)

Ted Cruz issues statement on Austin bombings

Sen. Cruz is a brilliant man and a class act. He just addressed the terrible bombings that have rocked Austin for the last few days. For unknown reasons, someone is using bombs to kill people seemingly at random. Some are left on the victim’s doorstep, others are sent through the mail, and one was even set up as a tripwire explosive.

Ted Cruz, who is from Texas, of course, sent out a message through social media giving his condolences to the family and friends of his victims and imploring Austin residents to be careful with their packages until this maniac is caught. It’s terrible what this person is doing, and I can’t wait until he’s behind bars or worse. (Read More…)

Photo of Donald Trump Jr. without his wife might have foretold their divorce

Sadly, Vanessa Trump filed for divorce last week, beginning the process of ending her marriage to Donald Trump Jr. There are few things more tragic for a family to experience than a divorce. It hurts the couple and it often has a damaging effect on children as well.

As terrible as it may have been, it looks as though there were signs of their impending divorce. In a picture taken prior to the State of the Union address, Vanessa is conspicuously missing from the photo while the rest of Trump’s children were present. It’s sad to think that the marriage was already likely coming to a close months ago.

I hope the Trumps are able to heal quickly for the sake of their kids. (Read More…)

Supreme Court rules in favor of Democrats in PA congressional map battle

This is a surprising and upsetting piece of news. The Supreme Court refused to hear an incredibly important case. Democrats in Pennsylvania are trying to gerrymander their way to electoral victory which changes the future not just of Pennsylvania, but the entire United States. So Republicans decided to bring a lawsuit, appealed it all the way to the Court, and were denied.

It’s a complicated case, but the long and short of the outcome is that the Republican congress members from the state will likely lose their seats due to Democrat-created districts. Get ready for these sorts of legal battles to become critically important fronts in the political war between Democrats and Republicans. It’s time Republicans started to gear up. (Read More…)

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