Hillary Is DONE… Her Friends Just Turned Her In…

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is done. If she thinks she’ll be welcomed with open arms for a third presidential run, she has another thing coming. Even her friends are exposing her now.

After Clinton recently claimed that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was a “Russian asset,” CNN’s Erin Burnett decided to take her to task. Burnett interviewed political commentator Van Jones, who said Clinton is “playing a very dangerous game.”

Burnett even set up her story by saying, “Tonight Hillary Clinton pushed her own Russia conspiracy theory. In a recent podcast, Clinton says Russians are grooming a 2020 presidential contender.”

“That candidate is Tulsi Gabbard,” Burnett continued, before playing Clinton’s comments on David Plouffe’s podcast. Plouffe served as the campaign manager for Obama’s 2008 presidential run.

Burnett then turned to Van Jones for comment. In addition to saying Clinton’s playing a dangerous game, he said she has attacked “a decorated war veteran” with “a complete smear and no facts.”

It is stunning that CNN, of all outlets, is going after Hillary Clinton — apparently even they have a line, inconsistent and selective as it may be. Her political career is over.

See the full story here.

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