Hillary Clinton INDICTMENT Bombshell… Life Ruined

Disturbing new evidence has been released in the investigation into the FBI’s handling of a probe of Hillary Clinton’s email use during her tenure as Secretary of State under then-President Barack Obama.

These new findings suggest that not only did the Department of Justice know they were never going to indict Hillary Clinton, but they crafted agreements with top officials that were designed to keep information from ever going public. Under federal law, the public has a right to ‘FOIA’ information and have it released.

But these agreements were setup to protect Hillary’s damaging information from this kind of public scrutiny. This is corruption, plain and simple. By keeping a legal arrangement whereby her top officials were outside of public control, no one would ever see their crimes — or question whether Hillary had also committed crimes herself.

Immunity agreements were also crafted carefully and in an overly-broad manner to protect these top officials, including Cheryl Mills. Had she and others been subject to indictment, they might have been more willing to offer up incriminating evidence about the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

But the FBI and DOJ did not want that. And so this agreement was put in place. Now we know the details, and Americans are sure to be infuriated. And frankly, we have a right to be.

This is all proof-positive that the DOJ needs better oversight. Let us all hope that Attorney General Barr can stay the course and continue to expose the pattern of corruption that seems to have infested the DOJ during the Obama years.

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