BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Makes Impeachment Announcement – It’s Happening

Hillary Clinton really embodies the word “loser.” She didn’t just lose the most important election of her life to an underdog candidate, she also can’t seem to get over it.

Because of her rampant corruption and criminality, she continues to get called out for her record. Hillary decided to whine about it in a recent interview, saying that Fox News is always trying to “impeach” her.

Here’s the thing, Hillary. You and your husband are crooks and you would have been our president if Trump hadn’t swept you in the electoral college. Everyone wants you out of politics so badly that they will do anything to expose who you are. (Read More…)

Hollywood filmmaker Joss Whedon says President Trump should ‘quietly die’

Well, this is about as bad as liberals can get outside of committing violence. Joss Whedon, who is behind Justice League and the Avenger movies, just tweeted out one of the most terrible things I’ve ever read about Donald Trump.

He accuses Trump of destroying America and “emboldening monsters,” and ends by saying “Die, Don. Just quietly die.” Whedon should take a look in the mirror to see the “monster” he accuses Trump of being.

Only a disgusting person could tell someone to die because they disagree with them politically. This is why Americans hate Hollywood and why Trump’s approval ratings are skyrocketing. (Read More…)

Report: Worried over possible John McCain resignation, Republicans look for successors

Sen. John McCain may not be the favorite Republican of many conservatives, but he’s been an important part of the Senate for years. With talk of his possible resignation due to both age and his battle with brain cancer, the GOP may have begun to look for possible successors.

It’s possible that if McCain resigns early that a special election would be triggered in Arizona, so it’s becoming increasingly important to find a conservative contender. Nobody’s come out with specifics yet, but it would be unlikely if contingency plans weren’t being drawn up. (Read More…)

Rudy and Judith Giuliani to divorce after 15 years of marriage

Sad news for the former Republican Mayor of New York. Unfortunately, his marriage of 15 years has come to an end. This week, Judith Giuliani filed for a contested divorce.

Apparently, their relationship has been on the rocks for a while and the two are separating “amicably” according to Rudy. It’s sad to see the marriage of two good people come to an end, and I wish them both the best in their separate lives. (Read More…)

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