BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Is JOINING The Team – Kamala Doesn’t Know What To Do…

Perhaps the most obvious way to tell if you’re likeable or not is to ask yourself, “Have I ever had to call Hillary Clinton for help fixing my public image?”

If your answer is “yes,” then congratulations, you are one of the most unlikeable people on the entire planet. You’re also probably Kamala Harris, because that’s exactly what she’s just done.

Kamala Harris is supposed to be helping lead this country, but instead she’s so concerned about her tanking public image that she’s bringing in the most reptilian of former presidential candidates to help her become more likeable.

It really is mind-boggling that somebody as corrupt and vile as Hillary Clinton would actually be liked MORE than anyone else, but that’s the exact position Kamala Harris finds herself in at the moment.

Harris isn’t accepting responsibility though, she’s simply blaming Americans for being racist and sexist. According to her, she would be receiving glowing reviews if she were white and/or a male.

Kamala, people don’t hate your skin color, they hate YOU. We don’t have a problem with you being a woman, we have a problem with you simultaneously being the most condescending and clueless person to ever hold a job in the White House.

Although, to be fair… I’ve never worked under Kamala. I wonder if her staff would have her back…

Huh. Guess not.

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