BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Finally Gets What She Deserves

There’s no honor among thieves, apparently. James Comey, the disgraceful former FBI chief, has outed Hillary Clinton, the quintessential citizen of the DC swamp.

In his new book, Comey made at least one big revelation: The Clinton campaign misled the media about the investigation into her email server. It’s undoubtedly true that she did, and that’s standard for a Clinton.

What really makes it bad for the media is that they didn’t act diligently at all and allowed for Hillary’s lies to become mainstream “truth.” Comey’s honesty about Clinton is refreshing, let’s see if he can ever be honest about his own terrible leadership. (Read More…)

President Trump appoints first female African American Marine Corps general

You read that headline correctly. The president who is attacked by Democrats and the media all day every day about being racist, sexist, etc., has just made a major appointment.

Upon Congressional confirmation, Col. Lorna M. Mahlock will be the first female, African-American general in Marine Corps. history. It’s a notable achievement, no doubt.

Will the media give the story more than two seconds of airtime? Of course not. (Read More…)

Rep. Trey Gowdy says Comey memoir is ‘beneath the dignity’ of FBI

Comey’s brief moments of honesty in his absurd new “memoir” aren’t enough to compensate for the fact that he even wrote it. No FBI head should be writing a politically charged book, after being fired, that involves the president who fired him.

Rep. Gowdy just called Comey out for being the political hack that he is, rightly saying that his memoir is “beneath the dignity” of the FBI. As usual, Gowdy is dead on. (Read More…)

Ted Cruz faces huge fundraising deficit in Texas Senate race

Democrats are really trying to take every political seat possible in these upcoming midterm elections. Trump has clearly driven them insane, to the point where they’re even trying to unseat Ted Cruz.

Cruz is currently being outraised 2 to 1 in Texas, which is truly remarkable. That doesn’t mean Cruz will lose, of course, because money certainly doesn’t equal victory.

But it’s a good indication of just how angry liberals are right now because of Republican victories. That’s just too bad for them, isn’t it? (Read More…)

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