BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Losing Her Mind – Evidence Shocks Nation…

Hillary Clinton thinks she knows who should receive the majority of the blame for Russia invading Ukraine.

Obviously, that person is Donald Trump.

Hillary, in a statement that used the word “democracy” 47 times, torched Trump and blamed him for this conflict between two countries that Trump has never been in charge of.

Clinton said that Putin, the “implacable enemy of democracy,” attacked Ukraine because “Republican leaders are abandoning core tenets of American democracy even as the stakes in the global contest between democracy and autocracy are clearer and higher than at any time since the end of the Cold War.”

No matter how laughable that sounds, I don’t think she was joking?

She even went so far as to blame January 6 for Russia invading Ukraine, despite this particular conflict starting about eight years before the events in Washington, D.C..

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