Hillary Criminal Charges Decision – Finally

A former top attorney for the FBI has come forward with an astonishing admission about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, providing firsthand insight into the bureau’s investigation of her under then-Director James Comey.

James Baker is former general counsel for the FBI and served during Clinton’s email scandal. Recently released documents of Baker’s testimony to lawmakers reveal that he believed her conduct was “alarming” and “appalling” and that she should have been charged upon conclusion of the investigation.

Baker elaborated that he “argued with others about why she shouldn’t be charged” for her mishandling of classified information, a revelation that sheds even more light on private discussions that occurred leading up to Clinton’s exoneration by the FBI.

In addition to his work on the Clinton investigation, Baker also served during the Obama FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign over so-called “Russian collusion” in the aftermath of the 2016 election. Baker told lawmakers he thought it was “highly unusual” and that he “had skepticism about all this stuff”.

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