Hillary COMES OUT – I Always Suspected…

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just came out in a big way. The two-time presidential candidate is now grabbing headlines — we always suspected this would happen.

Speaking at a public appearance in Portland to promote her new book, Clinton likely said too much about the Democrats’ agenda and admitted that the only path to defeating President Trump is for him to be impeached.

“We have very admirable candidates vying for the nomination, but … there are a lot of forecasters that are saying, ‘Look, if the economy stays in good shape and he’s not impeached or he’s impeached but not convicted, it’s going to be very, very hard,” she said.

She noted that it would be “because of all of the advantages he will have” in the 2020 election. With just a couple of sentences, Clinton revealed, perhaps without releasing it, exactly why the Democratic Party is in a terminal stage.

Instead of working with Trump to continue improving our nation for everyone, all they care about is getting another Democrat in the White House. And they believe impeachment is the way to do it.

Strangely enough, however, Clinton did not fully close the door on the idea of her running for president a third time. At the Portland event, an attendee yelled out that she should run. “Oh, my. Well, thank you,” said Clinton.

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