Hillary Clinton STUNS Media With Her Decision…

Hillary Clinton refuses to stay out of the spotlight. She just made a major decision, and it has stunned the mainstream media. Liberals are cheering her on, but everyone else is rolling their eyes.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton tweeted, “Federal court grants Hillary Clinton’s motion to intervene in @JudicialWatch Benghazi FOIA case that broke open her email scandal. Mrs. Clinton does not wish to be questioned by our attorneys.”

Speaking about the upcoming federal court hearing a few days ago, Fitton noted that his organization “uncovered” that the former Secretary of State was “warned on email use — twice” and her lawyer deleted “33k emails — gets immunity.”

He also mentioned that the “Obama WH orchestrated email coverup” and “now we want Mrs. Clinton’s testimony.” And it’s that particular line that must’ve sent Hillary into a panic, so she has directly intervened in the case.

As Fitton said, a federal court has granted her request. Now we will wait to see how this all plays out. But Judicial Watch isn’t new to the game — the organization knows how to play hardball and won’t be intimidated by Hillary.

In her pride, she must have thought that the investigation into her mishandling of classified information was over. James Comey and the media covered for her. But she never expected Judicial Watch to keep the case alive in the courts.

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