Hillary Clinton RUNNING Decision – 2020 Dems Shocked

Hillary Clinton refuses to stay out of the spotlight, even after two embarrassing defeats on the national stage. She just shocked her feellow Democrats with a decision about running in 2020.

While Clinton continues to deny that she’s running for president again, signs are pointing to exactly the opposite; she is lurking. In fact, she is about to host a major fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at her home.

Clinton’s mansion in Washington, DC, will soon be swarming with Democrats, and some tickets are reportedly as high as $50,000 a pop. This is no coincidence; she must be preparing to rally the party faithful around her.

It makes sense. Former Vice President Joe Biden is dropping fast, while self-admitted socialists like Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are rising in the polls. Establishment Democrats are looking for an alternative.

While the Democratic Party is permanently stuck on stupid, they at least realize one thing: Sanders and Warren cannot win a national election. But it’s hilarious that they could be pivoting back to Clinton — she can’t win, either.

Americans have soundly rejected her, yet she’s about to raise her profile once more. Clinton is even preparing to release a new book with her daughter, Chelsea, in October. It is almost too easy to notice what’s going on here.

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