Hillary Clinton Receives Criminal Notice – It’s Horrible

Hillary Clinton has enjoyed special protection for decades — even though her trail of dirty behavior has followed wherever she goes. Trump doesn’t call her ‘Crooked Hillary’ for nothing, and the scrutiny on her record isn’t over by a long shot.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) just said that Attorney General William Barr isn’t pleased about Clinton’s email investigation. “I know Bill Barr pretty well, and he’s pretty upset about the way all this was handled,” he said in a Fox News interview.

Graham isn’t sure what Barr plans to do about it at this point, however, he suggested that it’s possible “to have a special prosecutor to look at the probability of criminal misbehavior.” Graham is “going to look at what happened from an oversight role.”

He continued: “I hope there’s a special counsel appointed to look at DOJ corruption and political bias, you know? Because Mueller did his job against Trump. Nobody’s really looked at the Clinton campaign.”

In the interview, Graham specifically mentioned “the FISA warrant abuse” and checking “the counterintelligence investigation for criminality,” saying that “somebody should” investigation it.

Graham revealed that Hillary “was interviewed not under oath. She had a couple of her staff people with her. People in her campaign were given immunity without anything in return. Nobody in the Clinton investigation went to jail for lying about the process because there was no process.”

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