Hillary Clinton Prosecution Decision… [Alert]

Hillary Clinton still thinks she got off easy, but a bombshell just dropped that could finally end her career. There’s no way she can escape.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, appeared on SuperTalk 99.7 out of Nashville with host Brian Wilson to reveal that hundreds of FBI documents point to a massive “cover-up” in the Clinton email scandal.

Fitton pointed to the mislabeling of documents, such as those that were deceptively marked “unclassified” to protect her. His group also obtained an email with the subject “Hillary cover-up operation work ticket archive clean-up.”

Additionally, Fitton did not hold back the reason why Hillary hasn’t been prosecuted yet  — and it’s because of how deep the rabbit hole goes.

“People should understand, one the reasons Hillary wasn’t prosecuted was because it wasn’t just a Hillary Clinton scandal, it was a State Department scandal, it was an FBI scandal, it was a Justice Department scandal,” he said.

He continued by saying “it was an Obama scandal” and “they were all in on it.” Fitton’s group said they’re working hard to get additional documents to continue blowing this case wide open.

See the full story here.

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