Hillary Clinton Presidential Decision – Americans Are In Shock

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just issued a presidential decision. Americans are in shock — she refuses to stay out of the political spotlight, even after losing in a landslide to President Trump.

Clearly, Clinton cannot accept the results of the 2016 election. She is now claiming that “voter suppression” is why she lost. In her mind, it is now one of the only explanation. It certainly couldn’t be that Americans didn’t want her as president.

“You can run the best campaign. You can have the best plans. You can get the nomination. You can win the popular vote. And you can lose the Electoral College and therefore the election for these four reasons. Number One: Voter suppression,” she said.

Clinton hinged her argument on Wisconsin, a typically reliable state for Democratic candidates. She wants people to believe that 200,000 voters were turned away, and that’s why she lost the state. But there is zero evidence to prove this claim.

Of course, if the ridiculous claim of “voter suppression” doesn’t stick, Clinton can always go for the ol’ liberal standby and allege racism. It is exactly what she did at the end of her speech.

“We are witnessing a deliberate and ongoing effort to undermine the integrity of our elections and silence millions of Americans … particularly women, the elderly and people of color,” she said.

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