Hillary Clinton Gets CRUSHING Blow – It’s All Over

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just suffered a crushing blow. She is about to be exposed for her actions during the 2016 election — it’s all over for her now.

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, has “met with former Ukrainian diplomat Andriy Telizhenko, who alleges that Ukraine’s government conspired with the Democratic National Committee to hurt Trump in 2016.”

This report comes from The Daily Wire, citing a recent NBC News story on the matter. Reportedly, the meeting between Guliani and Telizhenko took place last week while Democrats were holding secret impeachment hearings.

We will soon find out what Guiliani discovered in his meeting, and it might be bad news for Clinton, her presidential campaign, and the DNC. The real ‘collusion’ plot could be uncovered.

If anyone can discover the truth, it is Guiliani. He has been a staunch ally of Trump’s for years — well before he became president. Guiliani himself is a highly successful lawyer and prosecutor who will overturn every stone.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to push their impeachment witch-hunt, but it won’t help them. Trump is preparing to unleash a flurry of evidence that will directly impact next November’s election in his favor.

Read the full story here.

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