Hillary Clinton Friend Disappears – Oh My

A longtime friend and political ally of Hillary Clinton’s has completely vanished from the public eye, and a government watchdog wants to know why.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald says he is “mystified” that Tony Podesta “has just vanished from the news cycle and, apparently, legal jeopardy.” Readers may remember that Podesta’s lobbying ties to Russia once came into question.

In fact, it was reported in July 2018 that Podesta, chairman of the liberal lobbying firm, the Podesta Group, was being investigated by federal authorities as an outgrowth of special counsel Robert Mueller’s own “collusion” investigation.

It’s interesting, then, that Paul Manafort is getting raked over the coals — over nothing at all related to Russia — while Podesta, an actual colluder, is nowhere to be seen.  This just proves that Muller’s investigation is a total joke.

For an investigation to be announced less than a year ago into Podesta’s activity without any follow-up since is suspicious at best. But this is often what happens when a close confidant of the Clintons gets in hot water: A miraculous rescue.

It is time for Mueller and his team to end this blatantly partisan charade and admit that the investigation never had any legs to stand on. It was about going after Trump because Democrats couldn’t accept his victory over Hillary Clinton. That’s it.

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