Hillary Clinton DEMOLISHED… Shock Notice

Daily Wire columnist Joseph Curl pointed out that Hillary Clinton is living in a delusional fairytale land since losing the election in 2016 to Donald Trump.

Clinton has blamed “James Comey, Russia, computer bots, WikiLeaks, Bernie Sanders, Facebook, Joe Biden, fake news, Twitter, voter ID laws, the vast right-wing conspiracy, sexism, Barack Obama, ageism, Anthony Weiner, white women, xenophobia, black people, the Electoral College, the DNC, misogyny, and women cowed by their husbands” for her loss since it happened, Curl said.

Recently, she even said she could beat Trump “again,” even though she did not beat him in 2016. More popular votes were counted for her, but the Electoral College handed Trump a decisive victory. And a popular vote victory is not a victory if the Electoral College doesn’t go your way.

If Clinton does decide to get back into the race in 2020, let’s hope she does beat him again, exactly like she did the first time–which is not at all.

I guess it’s just too difficult to face up to the fact that a lot of people thought she was corrupt, or unhealthy, or annoying, or maybe all of those things, and wouldn’t vote for her in 2016.

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