Hillary Clinton ANNOUNCES… Comes Out Swinging

Hillary Clinton evidently is still struggling to deal with the fact that almost no one wants her opinion on politics. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop her from coming out swinging against Democrat candidates.

Clinton said that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens plans for taxing the wealthy would be “incredibly disruptive.”

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Clinton is likely correct, tax hikes on the “ultra-wealthy” would cause disruption to the economy.

Notably, Warren’s multi-trillion-dollar healthcare plan would singlehandedly cripple our economy and certainly encourage the ultra-wealthy to take their money overseas.

Clinton’s ideas would not have been good for the American taxpayer, but she’s right to point out that neither would Sanders or Warrens’s ideas.

Hopefully, we can all agree that taxing Americans, rich or poor, is something we need to reduce. We need to lessen the burden on the economy and allow Americans to prosper.

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