Hillary Caught Hiding It – Shock Sex Scandal

Hillary Clinton was just caught red-handed trying to hide a disgusting sex scandal. She tried to bury this on as deep as she could, but the truth has finally been exposed.

According to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, author Ronan Farrow’s new book, Catch & Kill, documents how Hillary Clinton allegedly worked to kill his story about disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of women.

“For years it was an open secret that Weinstein abused women,” said Carlson. “Well, it turns out because people like Hillary Clinton helped Weinstein get away with it.”

Carlson said that according to Farrow’s book, “Hillary’s publicist, a man called Nick Merrill, warned Farrow outright that a certain ‘big story’ that he was working on was ‘a concern for us.’”

This is political-speak for “back off or else,” and the message was received loud and clear. “In other words, leave Harvey Weinstein alone,” said Carlson. How can Hillary claim to be a defender of women and help cover-up such evil?

She will have to answer this allegation, especially since her family’s ties to Weinstein are well-known. Former President Bill Clinton frequented Weinstein’s private plane, and he is a known backer of the Democratic Party.

See the full story here.

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