BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Caught In FBI Scandal – Evidence Stunning…

Hillary Clinton is frantically grasping at straws.

Blaming her shortcomings on Donald Trump has been her game plan pretty much since she lost the election to him in 2016.

People tired of it pretty quickly, but Hillary was never able to latch on to a new target.

Until now.

She now claims that the person who did the most damage to her campaign was not Donald Trump.

The claim Hillary is making now is that FBI James Comey had it out for her since the beginning, meaning that her campaign would have NEVER authorized Michael Sussmann to illegally complain to the government about the Trump campaign.

Instead of identifying that he was put up to the task by Hillary Clinton and her campaign, Sussmann presented himself to the government as a “concerned citizen” claiming Trump was a Russian plant.

Hillary, just face it. You failed. On all accounts, you failed. Take your medicine. Nobody respects you anyway, what self-respect are you even hanging on to?

You’re the wife who won’t hold her husband accountable for disrespecting you, but you want the rest of America to give you what slick Willy won’t?

Keep dreaming, lady.

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