Hillary Bombshell – New Evidence Discovered

A new bombshell revelation has brought the Hillary Clinton email scandal back to the forefront.

According to a new Senate report, a shady Clinton aide named Paul Combetta sent all but 4 of Clinton’s 30,000 emails to a separate Gmail address, meaning that the emails almost certainly existed on Google’s US servers, where they could have been discovered by the FBI – if they had been interested.

But in yet another plot twist, the FBI agent in charge, one Peter Stroszk, didn’t appear to be interested in the find.

Imagine that.

The Daily Caller reports:

The finding, which has not been previously reported, means that Clinton’s emails, including classified ones and ones which were later deleted, likely existed on Google’s U.S.-based servers. The FBI said in the report that it knew this — and of the suspicious explanation for it — but did not alert other intelligence agencies or the public, according to the report.

There’s much more in the report as well – including troubling indications that Chinese hackers may have been involved as well.

You can read the full story here.

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