BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton Makes Shock Announcement About Her Future

Imagine for a second that at least half the country rejected you. That’s after your own primary rejected you 8 years before that. Don’t you think you might sit a few rounds out and retire quietly?

Well, then you’re not Hillary Clinton. She’s actually planning to head the upcoming DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum…

Can someone please tell me one of Hillary’s major accomplishments while she was in the Senate, or the Secretary of State, or even as a first lady? I’ll just be here waiting for an answer…  (Read More…)

RNC official resigns after revelations that he paid hush money to porn star

It looks like the media must have finally gotten what it wanted. After poking around the life of Donald Trump, before he was even president, they’ve finally found something to pounce on. But it’s still not President Trump.

Apparently, an RNC official named Elliot Broidy used Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to pay hush money to a porn star that he’d been having an affair with. It would be nice if the media would now stop engaging in smut journalism, but this is how they make their money.

They’re absolutely shameful. (Read More…)

Nancy Pelosi stutters, garbles words while attempting to attack GOP

How is it that Nancy Pelosi hasn’t retired yet? She’s a political hack who can barely keep herself or her story together for long enough to make a coherent point.

In one of her rambling and inane speeches, Pelosi tried to attack the GOP by saying that the Republican tax cuts were for the rich. Because, you know, thousands of dollars in the pockets of everyday Americans are “crumbs” according to Pelosi.

It’s time to pack it up, Nancy, you just can’t hack it anymore. (Read More…)

Comey admits he didn’t tell Trump the dossier was funded by Democrats

There are few people from the DC  swamp who are as terrible as James Comey. Comey leveraged his authority at the FBI to make a spectacle of himself for attention, then refused to get the job done in the investigation against Hillary.

Then worst of all, after failing on multiple counts, he attempted to sabotage President Trump just a few months into his presidency, by not telling Trump the Steele Dossier was actually funded by Democrats.

He “didn’t think it was necessary” so he said. Comey is incompetent, biased, and self-serving. I’m glad he’s gone. (Read More…)

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