BREAKING: Fox News Host Exposes Sick American Enemy – High Alert…

Tucker Carlson is known for being a man that holds more than a few divisive opinions.

Now, he’s just unleashed another one.

If he’s right, it could be a very, very bad sign for things to come in America.

According to Carlson, President Joe Biden “isn’t simply incompetent.” No, it goes way beyond that:

He’s “the single-most destructive” force in American history.

According to Tucker Carlson, Joe Biden is the main reason that America appears to be struggling so much both economically and on the international stage:

“How do we measure the health of the United States?” Tucker Asked. “There are pretty obvious ways to do it. The average life expectancy is one, the marriage rate, the effectiveness of the U.S. military, housing costs, the value of the U.S. dollar, health of the financial markets, the safety of our streets, etc.”

“By every single one of those very basic measures, the Biden administration has failed and done so dramatically.”

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