‘Hidden Jihad’ Group in America is Revealed

If you weren’t already concerned about the radicalization of Muslim populations in America from recent terror attacks, this will ensure you are. A recent report by the Institute for Gulf Affairs shows that there is a well-established pipeline of foreign nationals who attend American universities and then join ISIS.

So foreign students come to the states where they receive college educations (undoubtedly paid for by Americans). They then leave the universities and head to terrorist organizations around the world. Having received their student visas, they’re even able to potentially re-enter the country after they’ve gone to receive ISIS training and fighting experience.

Immigration reform has become absolutely necessary. (Read More…)

Family of NYC bomber attacks police for investigating terror attack

Ayaked Ullah, the man who attacked commuters in the New York subway, came to the United States as ‘chain-migrant.’ He was ‘chained’ to his uncle who won the ‘diversity lottery’ program while living in Bangladesh. Ullah and his family came to the United States to enjoy the benefits of being an American; you know, the things they didn’t have in Bangladesh that made America so appealing that they traveled halfway around the world to be here.

Ullah, rather than appreciate his incredible luck, attempted to detonate an improvised explosive in a subway to kill as many people as he could — and thankfully he failed.

Instead of profusely apologizing for bringing a terrorist into the country, Ullah’s family was upset that one member of that family was taken outside ‘in the cold’ while her parents were questioned, and another was interrogated without a lawyer. Give us a break. (Read More…)

House Democrat promises to push for another anti-Trump impeachment vote

Rep. Al Green, a Texas Democrat, can’t seem to relax about President Trump. On the heels of a humiliating defeat on his last impeachment vote, Green has promised to once again bring an impeachment action against the President.

He offered no coherent case for impeaching President Trump, but instead declared that an impeachment was necessary to save the country from ‘a person who is unfit hold the office of president.’ Perhaps we should really be talking about whether Green is fit to hold office as a congressman. (Read More…)

Shocking texts reveal strong anti-Trump bias by ex-Mueller investigators

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation is a complete mess. It seems that we learn something almost every day about how the key leaders of the investigation are politically motivated against the President. We already knew that Peter Strzok, who was a major player in the investigation, was sending anti-Trump text messages to his mistress and coworker, but we didn’t know how bad it was.

A transcript was just released of 10,000 text messages sent to and from Strzok, and they’re damning. He calls Trump “loathsome” and an ‘idiot,’ considers support for Hillary, and says a Trump victory would be ‘terrifying.’ How is it possible that this man was allowed to be part of an “impartial” investigation? (Read More…)

Whistleblower reveals federal agency falsified documents to target a business

This is blood-boiling news. A whistleblower from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently came forward to explain some of the nasty things the agency has been up to. Cassandra Jackson, the former CFPB employee, alleged that her bosses asked her to falsify documents to make a case against private business that the agency wanted to go after.

Jackson heroically refused to falsify the documents and was later fired in retaliation. The CFPB, however, extracted a $10,000,000 settlement from the business — presumably using the same tactics that Jackson balked at. The CFPB, like so many other government agencies, is a bully with the power to ruin businesses and lives. This is why the regulatory state needs to be dismantled. (Read More…)

Trump lawyers demand special counsel to investigate the FBI and DOJ

This has been a long time coming. One of President Trump’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, has called for an investigation into corruption at the FBI and Justice Department, citing conflicts of interest as part of his rationale.

One example Sekulow mentioned was Bruce Ohr, a Justice Department official who was demoted because of his connections to Fusion GPS, the group behind the notorious Trump Dossier. Sekulow noted that the innumerable problems surrounding the FBI and DOJ seemed to warrant some fresh, impartial eyes. I agree. It’s time for an impartial investigator to sort out exactly why both agencies seem to have become infected with political intrigues and conflicts of interest. Our law enforcement agencies should be concerned about enforcing the law, not playing politics. (Read More…)

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