BREAKING: Joe Biden In HIDING – Terrified Of…

Joe Biden is the President of the United States of America, but judging by the amount of public appearances he’s done, you might not know it.

Despite ruling for almost an entire year, Biden has only seen it necessary to grant just 16 interviews in 2021. For the record, that is far fewer appearances than the standard that’s been set in recent years, with both Trump and Obama meeting with the media far more often than Stumblin’ Joe.

Of Biden’s 16 interviews, 3 have been with each ABC, CNN, or been print or local television spots. NBC, MSNBC, ESPN, and UNIVISION are some other names on the list, which does NOT include Fox, OAN, or Newsmax.

Even when he’s been hiding from the media, he hasn’t been doing it in the nation’s capital. December 17 marked the 30th retreat to Delaware Biden has taken since the beginning of his presidency.

Joe, are you president, or not? If not, just give it up to Kamala already, that way she won’t have to kill you for it.

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