He’s Resigning – White House Scrambling…

The acting director Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is leaving his job. Ron Vitiello is set to step down soon, sources reveal. The White House is scrambling to find a replacement who will fully implement Trump’s agenda.

Though President Trump said Vitiello is a “good man,” he also understands that it is time for ICE to change direction and get tough on illegal immigration, which has become a national emergency and threatens the safety of American citizens and legal residents.

“We want to go in a tougher direction,” Trump said. Vitiello is not the first high-profile person in the Department of Homeland Security to leave in the last few weeks. The Secretary and Deputy Secretary also submitted their resignations, and Trump sacked the head of the Secret Service.

It would seem that Trump is cleaning house and demanding results from his appointees.

This could not come at a more opportune time: apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border are exploding, with more than 92,000 people apprehended last month. And it’s only getting worse.

“The Border Patrol is facing unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis. We’re seeing record numbers of apprehension, large groups and numbers in custody and we’ve arrived at the breaking point,” according to Border Patrol official Brian Hastings.

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