BREAKING: Biden Not Moving Forward – He’s OUT

Recently, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre demonstrated why despite Psaki talking out of her bum most of the time, the White House still preferred to put her in front of a microphone instead of Karine.

At least Psaki kept track of the lies she was telling. Usually.

Recently, Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden’s administration has “been doing this whole of government approach since the recall” in terms of getting formula back on the shelves for desperate mothers.

There’s just one problem with that statement.

Joe Biden is part of “this whole of government” Karine was referring to.

And Dirty Joe hasn’t done a damn thing to fix the problem.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper was left wondering why “this whole of government” approach does not include the President.

She’s trying to tell us that the President is out of the “whole of government.”

Either Karine is lying, or Joe’s too incompetent to contribute. Either one of those things represent a HUGE problem.

It’s so big, even liberals are noticing it.

Including the CNN host:

“I guess I still just don’t fully understand why you didn’t tell the president until April if the problem was reported to the FDA last fall, the FDA didn’t check it out until, I think, December, and then they shut down the factory in February. The president, the guy who — the only one who can invoke the Defense Production Act to force companies to produce this incredibly, direly needed infant formula, he’s not told until April. Karine Jean-Pierre, your Press Secretary, just said this has been a ‘whole of government approach.’ That doesn’t include the president?”

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