He’s Dead… Evidence Links Pelosi

An illegal immigrant deported five times since 2010 has been arrested and charged with murdering an infant.

Carlos Zuniga-Aviles, of Honduras, allegedly punched 4-month-old Alexander Lizondro-Chacon in a fit of rage after discovering the baby was not his.

ICE reported that the suspect used multiple aliases and that it has filed an immigration detainer against him.

Zuniga-Aviles’ name joins a long list of suspected as well as convicted violent criminals who might not be in the U.S. if not for lax border enforcement perpetuated by the left

While most immigrants are non-violent, the crisis at the southern border makes it difficult for law enforcement to keep out those who are.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s opposition to strong border security may win Democrat votes, but it also puts everyday Americans at risk from malicious invaders ready to take advantage of the chaos.

Read the full story here.

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