He’s DEAD – Body Found Hacked To Pieces…

Two illegal immigrants who are part of the notorious MS-13 gang are accused of hacking a 16-year-old boy to death with a machete in King County, Washington.

Rudy Osvaldo Garcia-Hernandez, a 28-year-old illegal alien, and Carlos Orlando Iraheta-Vega, a 20-year-old illegal alien, have been charged.

King County is a sanctuary district that protects illegal immigrants from deportation.

The exact circumstances of the killing are unknown. It is suspected the boy had been lured into a fight and he was beaten with a bat and had his limbs hacked off with a machete.

His body was then left in a nearby river where it was discovered.

King County needs to fix its sanctuary policy. Recently an illegal alien accused of rape was released then hunted his victim down and attacked her again.

Read the full story here.

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