He’s Been Arrested – [Video Released] – Millions Shocked

He was just led away in handcuffs and millions are shocked. A stunning video has been released of the incident — people can’t believe what they’re seeing as the clip goes viral nationwide.

In the Arkansas city of North Little Rock, a police officer was arrested on a third-degree battery charge over an August 2018 traffic stop in which Officer Jon Michael Crowder’s conduct “rose to a criminal level.”

This statement came from the county prosecutor’s office after a nearly year-long investigation into what exactly happened that day. Anyone who has seen the video can tell things that didn’t quite go as planned.

The man arrested by Crowder was wanted on suspicion of a felony, making this traffic stop routine and part of the normal process for apprehending the individual. But then it all went downhill quickly.

After a brief, non-violent exchange, Crowder can be seen lifting the man’s arms up with considerable force. The man then exclaims, “You broke my [expletive] arms, man!”

Crowder then threatens to do it again. “If you move again, I’ll have to do what I did before,” he said. While this case isn’t over and backing our men and women in blue is vitally important, it’s not looking good for Crowder.

Read the full story here.

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