He’s Been Arrested – Federal Bribery Charges Confirmed

A high-profile political figure has been arrested and charged with bribery by a federal grand jury. This just goes to show that corruption is no respecter of parties, and the criminals must be weeded out.

Robin Hayes, chairman of the North Carolina GOP, is accused of working with others to bribe Mike Causey, the state’s insurance commissioner. In exchange for favorable rulings to benefit a particular business, Causey would receive major campaign donations.

The business, as it turns out, is owned by Greg Lindberg, one of the parties named in the indictment with Hayes. Lindberg is a wealthy donor who is presumably well-known in North Carolina political circles.

Brian Benczkowski, the assistant U.S. attorney general for the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, said, “Bribery of public officials at any level of government undermines confidence in our political system.”

He continued: “The Criminal Division will use all the tools at our disposal – including the assistance of law-abiding public officials – to relentlessly investigate and prosecute corruption wherever we find it.”

This case is far from over, and Lindberg denied any wrongdoing via a representative; Hayes has not released a statement. But one thing’s for sure: Justice cannot play political sides. It’s encouraging to see value play out in the Trump Administration.

Read the full story here.

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