He’s Been ARRESTED – Pelosi Implicated…

An illegal alien has been arrested for raping a child. This should be a wake-up call for all who defend open borders.

Politicians like Nancy Pelosi are responsible for this mess — and this really implicates her and other obstructionist Democrat politicians who have consistently opposed President Donald Trump’s attempts to secure the border with a physical barrier as well as deport those who overstay their visas.

Pelosi and her cohorts know that crimes like this keep happening. And yet they do absolutely nothing about them. Sure, they pass a bill here or there and allow money to be spend maintaining what we already have. But they continue to block the President every time he tries to move the ball forward and make Americans measurably safer.

Andres Fuentes-Castro, an El Salvadoran national has been living in the U.S. for nearly 10 years.

He overstayed his visa. However, he was protected by Temporary Protected Status (TPS).  In other words, because some politicians care more about votes than the people they are sworn to protect, police were powerless to do anything. They could not deport this dangerous individual. And now it’s too late.

This crime should never have happened, just like so many others. We must build the wall and secure the border. And we need more immigration officers with the resources they need, tasked to deport people who are here illegally.

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