BREAKING: Biden Takeover Announcement Shocks Florida Voters

Imagine waking up one morning to find out that the people you elected into power in your state might not be the ones in power very soon.

Well, that’s exactly the danger Floridians are facing right now.

Former White House senior COVID-19 adviser Andy Slavitt is hoping the people of Florida’s worst fears come true sooner rather than later.

Slavitt suggested the president might have “no choice” when CNN blowhard Wolf Blitzer suggested that Biden may “have a bigger role to play” in decisions that should be left up to the state.

Slavitt continued to stress that Biden is doing everything he can to intervene in the buiness of republican governors.

“The president doesn’t care too much about Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott. What he cares about are the people of Florida and Texas and the kids in Florida and the kids in Texas. I think he will do everything he can. He’s got to do everything he can to protect those kids. These hospitals are filling up right in front of DeSantis’ nose. It is almost shocking he’s not doing anything about it.”

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28 Responses

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    1. That is our worst fears. Wonder how Pelosi’s grandkids will like living under Communist rule. Will she be the dictator ——- they will not have to worry then. Dictator’s children live a long and sheltered life —-oh, I forgot they are living that now. It’s the ever-day person has to worry about that now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Absolute proof that the Biden administration is the spreaders of the virus. He sent some to Vermont and now we are seeing a rise in the Delta variant. The most insane plan they are using to gain permanent control! We have the highest vaccinated percentage of all the states,

    2. That’s his whole plan, I really believe he is trying to rid the world of most over 65. They are his bad guys right now. All illegals will vote fore him long as he keeps the cash flowing to them. How do you think the losi keeps getting elected.

  4. If Biden cared about the kids of Florida and Texas, not to mention every other state, he would not be sneaking illegals into the states to spread covid. CLOSE THE BORDER.

  5. Every damn democrats should ve executed fuecsupporting illegal s u support America civil wars coming becwarned

  6. What a crock!! Biden doesn’t care about anything but ultimate power and money, he should shove both where the sun don’t shine. He is denser than he thinks if he believes people trust him. The man is a fool and a bad joke.

  7. Biden needs to close the border and maybe Texas would not be having a problem. And stop sending illegal aliens to Florida and maybe they won’t have a problem either. He is the one that created the problem in the first place. I hope the people in Texas and Florida stand up and fight back. God bless both Governor’s.

  8. Why not ask the people of Florida? They would know more than anyone else. Our government is as crooked as can be and they want control over every aspect of our lives. We cannot let them dissolve us into communism.

  9. First of all, the Federal government cannot “take over any states rights” … that is against the US Constitution…. And DeSantis won’t go for it… Biden is trying a political move that is illegal and would warrant being impeached which he is on the verge of doing anyway… any one trying to report this is just instigating Floridans… trust me on this … it’s not even Biden doing any of this, he’s too senile to find his way to the bathroom without help…

  10. I live in Florida. Last year my daughter had to wear a mask at school all year long. I do not want my daughter to be smothered by an ineffective mask. If I have to get her a mask that is rated to protect against biological agents so she can breathe freely, she would get ridiculed in school. She is not mature enough to not care what others say to her or about her. The risk for her contracting covid is extremely low given her age and health.
    As for my wife and I, we are old enough to make our own decisions. If you can’t handle that, then that is your problem. Go see a psychiatrist.

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  12. king biden is a threat to the homeland, no one has ever committed such atrocities as he has, ….he’s a terrorist, and threat to homeland

  13. Biden’s preplanned and written by someone else presentation on Texas leadership, and how much their hurting their people is a complete CROCK. The Democrats will say or do anything to try to regain power in the states that refuse to follow his outrageous orders. We need to IMPEACH Biden now!

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