Just In: Heartbreaking Trump family announcement released… Wow

Can the Trump family please just catch a break? It’s gotten so bad that two family members have secluded themselves just to get a little bit of peace and quiet.

Melania has determined that it’s so bad in Washington that she will stay in Mar-a-Lago with Barron for spring break to avoid the constant media barrage that they have to endure every day.

Protestors write disgusting messages about Barron and the teachers in his school have attacked his father’s policies, all because Trump is a conservative. Liberals and the media they have in lock-step are just sick. (Read More…)

Stormy Daniels admits she’s ‘getting more job offers now’

It’s incredible what some people are willing to do in order to make a buck. Integrity is starting to become extinct in this country, and it’s an absolute shame.

Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress, is trying to leverage whatever story she thinks she has about President Trump in a bid to make money, and she’s just admitted that she’s actually getting job offers now because of it.

She apparently doesn’t care if she destroys a family in the process of advancing her career. (Read More…)

John McCain praises Trump’s decision to expel Russian agents

A few weeks ago a former Russian double-agent was poisoned in England where he lives. British authorities investigated and determined that the Russians were behind the attack, and most Western governments responded by expelling Russian diplomats and intelligence agents from their countries.

President Trump just stepped up and did the same in the U.S. and drew praise from an unusual source: John McCain. McCain said it was “a step forward in holding Putin accountable.” And the senator is right. if Russia is going to act so brazenly, America needs to put Putin in his place. (Read More…)

Melania Trump breaks silence on Stormy Daniels drama, warns media to leave her son alone

Not only is Melania staying away from the parasites in the mainstream media, but she’s also sending them a warning about her family. Through her secretary, Melania reminded the media that they need to watch what they say.

Barron Trump is only 12 years old, and he doesn’t need to be a target of the media or part of their salacious stories. They might only care about money and ratings, but there’s a child to think about and they need to act accordingly. (Read More…)

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