BREAKING: Obama Caught In MASSIVE Health Scandal – Half Of America Is…

Democrats are in total control of the government right now.

That means that when 13 million Americans are given their notice of a 53% Obamacare premium price increase, they are going to know exactly who to blame.

The only way to stop the increase?

Simple, have other Americans foot the $70 BILLION bill over the next three years.

Didn’t Obama tell us time and time again that Obamacare would DECREASE the deficit?

This is what happens when Americans do business with the government. They pretend they’re here to help us, but it’s really not like that all.

The people in the government make laws that benefit the people in the government, not the citizens of America.

It’s a shame you have to be a conservative to understand that.

Democrats know this reflects terribly on them. I’d imagine they’re going to be printing and giving away money again soon in order to distract us.

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