BREAKING: Rubio Reveals Stunning Health Conspiracy – Americans On High Alert…

Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, recently sat down on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” for an interview.

While there, he argued that Russia cutting off gas supplies to Poland is simply a preview of what America has coming to us if China ever decides to send a message.

Rubio’s point is simple:

America is so dependent on Chinese goods that Americans will die if they ever cut them off.

Many things, such as medicine, that are very important for Americans to have in daily life are imported from China.

For some reason, most politicians don’t seem concerned about what would happen if China ever decided to collect on what America owes.

Rubio is not one of them:

“Something that I’ve been talking about since 2019, before the pandemic. We buy too much stuff from China. We’ve got to stop doing that. Buy it from other places. Make it in America. But you see how Russia’s cutting off Poland from natural gas? That’s what they’ll do to us on a host of things, on a host of things, including medicine. We depend too much on China. We have to stop doing that and start making more things here in America.”

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