He Just Resigned – He’s Finally Gone…

Ever wonder where your tax dollars are going? For Californians, one answer is as infuriating as it is expected.

On Friday, the director of the California State Lottery tendered his resignation, after a scandal revealed that government officials spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lavish and drunken business trips and other inappropriate expenses.

Fox News reports:

The director of the California State Lottery resigned Friday, effective immediately, nearly a year after a letter to then-Gov. Jerry Brown accused the Lottery’s management team of public drunkenness and other unprofessional behavior during business trips.

That letter prompted an expanded audit of the Lottery, which uncovered a history of lavish spending – including $17,000 on pens shaped like baseball bats and $14,000 on baseball caps, the Sacramento Bee reported.

It gets worse. An anonymous letter sent to Gov. Brown was the catalyst for the resignation:

The letter reportedly included photos of bawdy behavior at a bar, including a man with his head inside a woman’s shirt, with most of the participants identified as being members of the Lottery’s management team.

These types of unprofessional shenanigans have become a regular practice of this management team when they travel to meetings,” the letter read, according to the Bee.

The audit by the State Controller’s Office also revealed more than $300,000 in inappropriate spending on travel, food and hotel rooms over four years for sales conferences that typically exceeded their budgets, the Los Angeles Times reported.

This is what happens when big government gets too big.

Remember that when  Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign on taking more of your money to use for “good causes.”

Read the full story here.

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