He Has Cancer… Presidential Race Rocked

A major possible figure in the 2020 presidential race just announced he has prostate cancer, and it’s upended the discussion about the upcoming election. There’s no telling where it will all go from here.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennett, a Democrat, broke the news about his diagnosis on social media and laid out his plan going forward. “During the upcoming Senate recess, I will have surgery in Colorado and return to work follow a brief recovery,” he said.

“This unanticipated hurdle only reinforces how strongly I feel about contributing to the larger conversation about the future of our country,” he continued, implying his intention to still join the presidential race, assuming his cancer is cured.

Prostate cancer typically has a dire diagnosis, however, Bennett reports that “it was detected early, and as a result, my prognosis is good.” Even so, the impact this could have on the 2020 election cannot be overstated.

Bennett may lose valuable campaign time while receiving medical treatment and recovering from surgery, calling into question whether he’ll be too far behind to catch up. Speculation is swirling about which Democrat this could help.

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper comes to mind, who just recently announced his presidential ambitions. He and Bennett will certainly be fighting for the same in-state money from Democrat donors. Regardless, prayers are with Bennett as he fights a far more personal battle.

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