BREAKING: GOP Senator Exposes Oil Scandal – Woke Killing Deal…

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, is making a desperate plea to Europe that would deal the most crushing blow possible to Putin’s war efforts.

Stop buying Russian oil, and start buying American oil.

Kennedy’s demands were two-fold. First he called on Europe to want to buy American oil, then he called on the people stopping drilling in America to do what was right for the world.

“Our energy policy is being dictated by the wokers who refuse to accept an all of the above energy policy. They only accept wind, solar, and pixie dust, and we’re going to lose the economic war with Putin if we continue down that road.”

According to Kennedy, we’re in an economic war with Putin that liberal restrictions are threatening to not let us win.

“We’re in an economic war with Putin. We can’t win this economic war with Putin. Maybe with President Biden, too, and I’ll explain that comment in a second. We can’t win this economic war with Putin without cutting off his cash funds. We can’t cut off his cash flow without stopping buying his oil and gas. America can do that. Europe can’t because they have gotten themselves dependent on Russian oil and gas. We can fill the deficit left in Europe if it stops buying Putin’s product by producing our own oil and gas. There is just one problem — the wokers refuse to let us do it.”

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