BREAKING: NFL Superstar QB Confirms Rumors – Fans Stunned…

Aaron Rodgers isn’t trying to hide. He knew exactly what was coming to him.

With the liberal media making him public enemy number one for not being vaxxed, Aaron Rodgers knew that anything short of a Super Bowl victory would be piled on as a massive failure by “woke” America and the lamestream media.

Unfortunately for Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers lost in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, opening the door for the dregs of society to pretend they are better than him because they put whatever the government tells them to in their arm.

“There were a ton of people rooting against us because of my vaccination status an them wanting to see us lose so they could pile on, we knew this was coming down the pipe at some point.”

Rodgers also spoke about how he never meant to become such a decisive figure, but when the stuff hit the fan, he took accountability for his actions and stood up for what he believed in.

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