BREAKING: Biden’s Secret Plan For America – It’s Already Happening…

More and more people out there are subscribing to the theory that Joe Biden may be spiking gas prices nationwide in an attempt to push American consumers toward electric vehicles.

As many Americans are having a harder and harder time affording gasoline, the only solutions offered up by liberals have been things that are even more expensive, like buying brand new electric vehicles.

If we had the money for new electric cars we wouldn’t be complaining about a few dollars here and there.

But the simple truth of the matter is that because of inflation and rising gas prices and supply chain shortages Americans are getting less than ever for their dollar.

It starts by looking at the top, at Joe Biden.

The man is doing NOTHING as gas prices have soared past $5 per gallon nationally, and over $7.50 in some places.

One county in California has an AVERAGE price of $7.499 per gallon.

That’s not the high, that’s the AVERAGE.

What that is, is Joe Biden’s America.

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