Hannity Sounds the Alarm

If Democrats enact their economy-killing Green New Deal, tax-payers are in for a nasty surprise.

So says Sean Hannity, who has caught liberal ire for spotlighting how the deal’s potential 70 percent tax on the wealthy won’t just hurt millionaires: it will hurt everyone. That’s because when the rich absorb a massive income cut, they have less money to spend on the products, services and businesses that regular Americans depend on for their livelihoods. Hannity warns,

“The contractor, the electrician, the plumber, the carpenters — they’re the ones that benefit when rich people spend money.”

That’s a steep price to pay for the Dems to finance an extreme environmentalist agenda Americans don’t want, while dumping billions into inefficient and economically unsustainable “green” businesses run by the usual political cronies and insiders.

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