Hannity Shocks Viewers – Big 2020 Decision

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity just shocked millions of his loyal viewers. He revealed a major 2020 decision, and it is going to impact the very results of next November’s election.

During a broadcast of his show, Hannity predicted that President Trump would be reelected due to the “stupidity” of Democrats. He said this entire farce will Ukraine will help to ensure the president’s victory.

Hannity said, given what we know about the situation, “it’s going to end up with the re-election of Donald Trump.” Democrats only have themselves to blame, and Americans won’t reward their tactics.

For a moment, however, Hannity entertained the hypothetical situation of Democrats winning instead. “God help us if they ever did win with their $94 trillion Green New Deal,” he said.

He also brought up the disastrous “$36 trillion Medicare-for-all with no private insurance” proposal, which Pelosi and her stooges — who are being controlled by the far-left — will try to enact as soon as possible.

But with the Democrats imploding and our economy growing every day, Trump is headed for re-election in 2020. Americans wanted things done and Trump has delivered on his promises. It is why Democrats can’t go after his record.

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