Hannity Releases Stunning Confession – Trump Is…

Conservative superstar and Fox News reporter Sean Hannity just released a stunning confession. His revelation about President Trump is huge.

“We’ve had four separate investigations that have all cleared President Trump of the charges leveled against him and his campaign,” declared Hannity on his show. Trump is innocent.

“For nearly three years, Pelosi, Schumer, they’ve relied on nothing other than lies and conspiracy theories,” said Hannity. This has only been about their “mission to take down President Trump at all costs.”

Demoralized Democrats, beaten down by the actual truth, “are now grasping at straws and calling for a fifth investigation. Rage, hatred, psychosis now govern the Democratic Party,” he continued.

This is exactly why Trump canceled his planned meeting with Congressional Democrats to discuss infrastructure. They cannot be trusted one bit to negotiate in good faith, even on bi-partisan matters.

Trump, noted Hannity, justified canceling the meeting by using Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s words against her. “I just saw that Nancy Pelosi says she believes the President is engaged in a cover-up,” said Trump in a clip played on Hannity’s show.

See the full story here.

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