Hannity Makes Tragic Announcement – Please Pray

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity just made a tragic announcement, and he’s personally asking Americans to pray. We need to rally together across the country.

“We really need to pray for every single person, every family, every neighbor, everybody that was impacted by the horrific violence over the past weekend,” said Hannity on his show.

But he didn’t stop there. Hannity also brought up cities that are often ignored because they’re embroiled in violence on a regular basis and don’t grab headlines anymore.

“We also need to pray for everyone killed this weekend in Chicago, in Baltimore, in Detroit. Cities you don’t hear a lot about,” he said. Hannity then turned his attention to those seeking to “politicize” the Ohio and Texas tragedies.

Hannity said, “America tonight is in mourning and sadly, predictably within minutes — I mean minutes — there are people that raced to politicize, exploit acts of violence to score cheap, intellectually dishonest political points.”

Instead of allowing liberals and the mainstream media to divide us, let’s unite under or common banner as Americans and pray for the state of our nation.

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