Hannity Makes Shock Decision – Announces On Air…

As he reported the declassifying of documents related to the origins of the Mueller probe into President Donald Trump, Sean Hannity declared on his top-rated Fox News show that the “deep state is in full panic mode.”

Hannity also said that the public would see the truth once the documents were made available by Attorney General William Barr. Deep state operators should have kept silent, Hannity chastised, but it’s too late for that now.

Hannity also went after former FBI director James Comey, who wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post Tuesday stating that the investigation did not involve treason, corruption or attempted coup, as Republicans have suggested.

Sadly, I think that your rage for President Trump and intense love of the spotlight is really overcoming every bit of common sense that you might have,” Hannity opined. He said Comey and others are “digging deeper holes every time they open their mouths.”

After two years of trying everything they can think of to take Trump down, it would be ironic if those efforts became the means for Trump to take them down. If it was found that they did anything wrong in the investigation, it would also be justice.

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