Hannity & Gowdy Fight On Air – Fox Audience Shocked

Fox News superstar Sean Hannity and former Congressman Try Gowdy (R-SC) just got into a fight on national television. Millions of fans are shocked.

Their increasingly tense discussion centered around whether formal indictments would be made after Inspector General Michael Horowitz releases his report on alleged FISA application abuse by federal officials.

Horowitz launched an investigation on whether a warrant to conduct surveillance on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — namely, former Trump aide Carter Page — was obtained from the FISA court fraudulently by withholding information.

Gowdy attempted to manage expectations on the report. He said, “Let’s assume that I didn’t tell the court something. The remedy for me is not indictment. The remedy is I may lose my law license. The remedy is the court may hold me in contempt.”

In response, Hannity used himself as an example and asked Gowdy what would happen if he intentionally misled the court for political purposes. Gowdy responded that he could “lose your law license” or be held in contempt.

The back and forth continued, with Hannity digging for answers and Gowdy carefully navigating the legal waters. Both clearly want justice served; they just have some differing views on how to get there.

However, the two agreed that if it’s proven Carter Page’s constitutional rights were denied, then an indictment is much closer to reality. Gowdy even exclaimed, “Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere.”

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