Hannity Freaks Out – Stuns Viewers On Live TV…

Sean Hannity pulled no punches in his now infamous interview with Bill de Blasio, the liberal New York mayor and 2020 presidential candidate.

Hannity pressed Bill de Blasio on if he thought Barack Obama did enough to help the middle class, which has seen increased employment and wages under President Donald Trump but seemed to lose ground under the presidency of Barack Obama, who Democrats claim stood up for the middle class.

De Blasio cited Obamacare, Obama’s signature legislative achievement. But Obamacare’s individual mandate wrecked much of the middle class financially and expanded Medicaid, thrusting millions of Americans into government dependency and ruining states’ budgets.

When pressed about Obama’s lies about his signature health program, de Blasio became evasive and refused to answer the questions truthfully. Hannity correctly pointed out that the promises were not fulfilled — and remarkably accused de Blasio of trying to spin the absolute failure that is Obamacare.

Obamacare is a disaster for the middle class and led to hundreds of thousands losing their insurance. It continues to cause all sorts of problems, and did lead to people losing their doctors, despite Obama’s now-famous one-liner about how you can keep your doctor if you like him.

Democrats like de Blasio want to take the problems of top-down, government-run healthcare and amplify it with universal healthcare. Democrats need to be held to account for these terrible policies that will hurt so many Americans.

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